Terms and Conditions for Cardiff MRCS OSCE Courses:

1. The course fee for all four Cardiff MRCS courses is £996, which includes three MRCS books that complement the courses.

2. A total of 15 bursaries are available for 2017, comprising of 6 x £500 grants and 9 x £200 bursaries.

3. Two grants and three bursaries will be awarded per course (total of three courses in 2017).

4. The Richard Mills Surgical Training Grants are intended to prepare the trainee for all 18 stations in the MRCS exam and are available only to those attending all four courses. They will be eligible to attend the four courses by paying the reminder of the course fee. A grant becomes invalid if they are unable to attend all the courses (i.e., attendance at all four courses is mandatory).

5. Winners of the John Roberts Surgical Anatomy Training Bursaries can use the amount to attend any of the four courses. Winners must attend a minimum of two courses (i.e., attendance at two courses in mandatory).

6. The winners will be required to reply to the offer within the stipulated time (normally 72 hours). Failure to do so will result in the award being withdrawn.

7. Cash cannot be redeemed under any circumstances if the winner(s) does/do not wish to attend one or more of the courses. Failure to attend the course(s) will result in forfeiting the award.

8. The grants and bursaries can be used only for Cardiff MRCS courses and are non-transferrable to other Doctors Academy courses.

9. This award cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, educational grants or offers by Doctors Academy.

10. The awards cannot be claimed in retrospect (i.e., if a place on a course is already confirmed through previous payment the application will not be considered, and the grant will not be awarded in retrospect).

Deadline for application: 15th March 2017