Terms and Conditions for RCSEd Future Surgeons Key Skills Course:

1. The course fee is £75.

2. Five bursaries worth £50 are available for 2017.

3. There are five courses in 2017 and thus one bursary will be awarded per course.

4. Cash cannot be redeemed under any circumstances if the winner(s) does/do not wish to attend the course. Failure to attend the course will result in forfeiting the award.

5. The grant/bursary can be used only for the specified course and is non-transferrable.

6. This award cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, educational grants or offers by Doctors Academy.

7. The awards cannot be claimed in retrospect (i.e., if a place on a course is already confirmed through previous payment the application will not be considered, and the grant will not be awarded in retrospect).

Deadline for application: 21st April 2017